Everything, In Order

I see you, rules. Let’s play.

My relationship with communication has been heavily colored by autism: mastering the rules of engagement, wondering at advice I don’t understand. By exploring constrained writing, I can examine and begin to master the unexamined restraints that happen in ordinary communication.

This is my brain on drugs.

My ADHD/ASD brain is like a badly-wired tesla coil – sparky, unpredictable, and potentially destructive. After a month of Adderall, how fares my sparky brain?

Five Chapsticks, One Realistic Dildo

Some thoughts about how we’re trying to organize a house full of crap to accommodate 2 people with ADHD, one of whom is autistic, and the 4 cats who keep our house spider-free.


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About Me

She/they/dude. #Feminist. Neurodivergent (ASD/ADHD). Queer. Leftist. Bag of agitated spiders. FUCKING DELIGHT. Eats cheese. Makes music. Writes horror.


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